Iota Chi

at Temple University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Hi Ladies! 

I’m Maddison Snyder, Alpha Xi Delta’s Membership Vice President at Temple University. First, I, along with the rest of the chapter would like to say congratulations! You have already made two great decisions, attending Temple University and being interested in Greek Life.

College can be an exciting but scary time. However, here at Alpha Xi, you can find not only the support you need from your sisters, but truly find your home away from home and form friendships that will last forever! When I first came to Temple University, I was extremely nervous that I would not find my close friend group like I had in high school. But, thanks to Alpha Xi Delta finding my forever friends came easily to me and it could be easy for you too! 

I am so lucky and proud to be surrounded by such amazing women. I know that I will always have them supporting me, encouraging me, and that they will be there to catch me when I fall. These women will be my future bridesmaids and my forever friends. Thanks to my sisters, I was elected Membership Vice President. This has been my greatest honor, because now, I get to help girls like you find your home, just like I did. 

Our chapter is constantly looking for confident, dedicated, and passionate women to join our loving sisterhood. We work together as women to challenge one another to be the greatest we can be and to help each other realize our potential. I want to send you off with some encouragement as you enter through this recruitment process. Stay true to yourself during this journey, stay open minded, be positive, and take in every second. Going Greek will give you more than you could ever imagine. I hope you will find what I found in Alpha Xi. 



Maddison Snyder 

Iota Chi Chapter Membership Vice President